Sunday, November 20, 2011

Visitors Guide to Laguna Beach in California

Laguna Beach is a very popular seaside resort in Orange County, California, United States of America. Laguna Beach is well known for its beautiful beaches and artist community and is a location often used as a filming location for various TV shows and movies. Laguna Beach offers various interesting attractions and activities to the visiting tourists and these are discusses below:
Catamaran Sailing - the popular feature of Laguna Beach are the modern catamarans and the chance to sail on board of one of these hi tech vessels. There are organised tours which provide us the chance to see dolphins, whales and other interesting species.
Wharf Sport fishing - there are various travel and sailing agencies which organise sport fishing tours for the fans of sport fishing. The excitement and the good catch is said to be guaranteed.
Music Cruises - music cruises offer sailboats and ships with live music. These vessels sail around Laguna Beach and they offer some excellent entertainment.
Art Festivals - in Lthe area you can find a significant artist community. The art works of this community is displayed regularly on various art festivals. Art festivals are very well visited and they are the trademarks of the local area and community.
Art Galleries - besides the regular art festivals, you find some very good art galleries in the area. There are more than 40 galleries in Beach area and they display the authentic work of the local artist community. In addition to the galleries, the main Art Museum of Laguna Beach is well orth visiting and often displays a number of interesting exhibits.
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - this is the most popular concert hall in Southern California and a lot of world famous stars performed live in this extraordinary concert hall.
Heisler Park - Heisler Park is a beautiful park located near the main Beach. This park is a natural haven and it offers a breath taking view of the local coastline. This park is a very popular wedding location and young couples from all over America come here.
Sawdust Art Festival - the Sawdust Art Festival is a well-known art festival which is organised annually in Laguna Beach. Over 180 artists visit this festival every year and this is their chance to display and sell their work. The visitors of this festival can participate in mini classes with the artists and they can learn some tricks of the craft.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 General Trends in the California Real Estate Market to Watch - 2006

Historically, the real estate trends of California have always been the precursors for the rest of the country. Which is why leading players of the real estate market keep a close watch on the Golden State's real estate market conditions.
And whether you are a first time homebuyer, debating the viability of building your dream house in San Bernardino, or a real estate investor looking to sell condominium units in Los Angeles, you certainly want to know: When is it the optimum time to buy or sell?
Purchasing a house is a major investment. With judicious planning, this valuable asset will appreciate with each year.
But how do you get the big picture? Fortunately, real estate trends are predictable because these develop over a long period, unlike the stock market, which is rather volatile.
The first thing you will need to do is to read and track real estate articles: the market reports of the California Association of Realtors or the California Building Industry Association, and the briefs created by housing analyst companies.
Once you have identified the following key indicators you will have a better grasp of the general trends in California's real estate market.
Interest Rates
When interest rates rise, buyers shy away. Conversely, lowered interest rates attract more buyers.
This year, interest rates in California are on an upswing. For example, thirty-year fixed mortgage rates, which averaged 5.71 percent in 2005, has risen to 6 percent levels in January 2006. And adjustable mortgage interest rates have moved up to 5 percent levels compared to 4.12 percent in 2005.
Building Permits
The higher the number of building permits issued, the higher the demand for houses.
Figures show that number of building permits issued for the year 2006, have fallen by 10 percent in comparison to last year's figures. In terms of houses, that's a decrease of 1,430 building permits compared to January 2005 figures, according to California Building Industry Association report.
Home Sales
This key indicator refers to the total number of homes sold. In the law of supply and demand, when there are few buyers, real estate prices fall.
The January 2006 figures of the California Association of Realtors reveal that the number of existing single-family detached homes sold, has gone down by 24.1 percent in comparison to sales for the entire year 2005.
Another factor to consider is the growing inventory of available houses in certain counties in California, which is changing the market dynamics. What was once a sellers market is slowly turning into a buyers market.
Loan Defaults
This refers to the failure of homeowners to pay their monthly mortgage fees. One downside to this is that many Californian homeowners are choosing to have a bad credit report, rather than to keep paying fees for a home whose value has been inflated by as much as 20 percent more.
Foreclosure Sales
Figures presented by DataQuick Information Systems, a housing analyst company, indicate that foreclosure activities in California have gone up by 19 percent in the last quarter of 2005. This is an increase of 3 percent compared to the third quarter of 2005, and is 4.6 percent higher when compared to 2004's last quarter figures.
When foreclosure sales are on an upswing, consumer spending is down and consumer debt levels have risen. In the real estate market, this has meant that many financially strapped homeowners are selling their homes at lower prices. The other contributable factors are inflation, the rising prices of gasoline, federal budget deficit, and interest rates.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

California's Best Beaches

Going to the beach is one of the many escapes from the hustle and bustle of life that one could engage in. Submerging one's feet on the crystal clear water and feeling the fine, white sand are experiences that makes one forget the worries of the present. Indeed, our lives are not made up of moments where we only breathe. Rather, life is about making moments that take our breath away. And certainly, going to the beach is one of those glorious moments.
A friend of mine who lives in California has been telling me a lot of things about how amazing the seaside and beaches are in her location. I bet she is having the time of her life exploring the amazing waters of California. To mention some, here are some of the popular and famous beaches in the California State:
Sonoma Coast State Beaches
These beaches are a haven to hundreds of bird species and sea creatures that come and go with the season. Truly, some authorities recommend them for their pristine and sparkling waters that entice many tourists and visitors yearly. One may be fond of sunbathing, particularly during summer time. However, it is advised that one should always watch out for the waves which may be enormous at times and may catch beach buffs off guard.
Santa Cruz Beaches
Having a 29-mile stretch of coastline, Santa Cruz beaches are truly a retreat for beach lovers. From surfing, swimming, fishing to sunbathing, adults and kids alike will surely have the time of their lives in Santa Cruz. When visiting this spot, the Boardwalk and Summer time beach train ride are highly commended.
Santa Barbara's East Beach
This wide expanse of white sand is a rendezvous to wide, colorful, beach umbrellas, beach sports, sand castles and other fun games. Every Sunday, artists display their masterpieces beneath the palm trees. Kids will surely have fun seeing the lovely animals at a zoo near the beach. For volleyball enthusiasts, there are games that are frequently held. If you love shopping, this site is definitely for you. This zone also houses great dining areas and reasonable hotel accommodations.
These beaches are only a glimpse of the many beaches that line the shores of California. Never limit yourself to these spots only. Discover more lovely resorts and explore more horizons. There are a lot to choose from including the Malibu, La Jolla, Pismo, Coronado Island beaches, the list goes on...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Encouraging Environmental Awareness While in California

Planting trees and mountain climbing are not the only activities you can do to develop environmental awareness in children. California serves as a home to many attractions that can encourage this cause, whether you are visiting the place for the first time or long time residents of the state. A visit to the popular theme parks can offer the activities that would enlighten a person's knowledge on the environment and its resources such as SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo.
When visiting SeaWorld, you must be ready to go into an adventure and get wet at the same time. There are rides that can either end with a big splash or bring you up to the skies. The entertaining shows that feature different animals and of course, the very famous Shamu showcasing their adorable skills. There are different rides and shows that would appeal to tourists of all ages. All the conveniences that you might need are also within your reach including baby cart or wheel chair rentals, changing stations, food kiosks, and many more.
The San Diego Zoo, on the other hand, would be a great opportunity for you to see the secrets of the wild. The zoo is particularly designed to exhibit the animals in their natural habitat which is why it is built on a very large area of park land. Most of the zoo can be visited simply by riding a bus while other parts may be completed with a hike. Some of the more famous animals are the gorillas, polar bears, and other wild animals roaming around the wide zoo area. Some areas of the zoo have designated feeding places where you can get to experience feeding your favorite animals. Other than the animal park, there is also an arboretum that serves as the home for very rare species of plants and animals that are sensitive to the changes in weather.
If you are searching for a more affordable California activity, the Los Angeles Zoos and Botanical Gardens are some of the areas you can take a trip to. You do not need to spend for expensive entrance tickets or to stay in the luxury hotels near the area because a day would be more than enough to see everything in these areas. Los Angeles zoos and parks may require a minimal entrance fee while others would completely be free. You can learn about the information by visiting the websites of these places or the local tourist center. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to receive coupons that would further lessen your expenses.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

California Information

The "Golden State" of California has long been one of the most famous settlement spots in the United States. After the gold rush of 1848, countless people from all over the world came rushing to this geographically diverse land in search of opportunity and prosperity, seldom went away disappointed.
With almost 100 million acres of land, California is the third largest state in the U.S., next only to Alaska and Texas. It is nestled along the Pacific Ocean with a coastline of 1,264 miles stretching from the Oregon border in the north to the Mexican border in the south. It is one of the most culturally diverse states in the country, with its citizens having varied ethnic backgrounds like Native American, African American, Hispanic, European, and Asian. California climate is also one of the most diverse in the whole United States. With four different climate zones, one could always find a region in California suitable for their taste.
Although mountains and deserts dominate the state's landscape, real estate lands is not hard to come by. In fact, one could even find an upscale resort community within the Colorado Desert - Palm Springs. It has become famous for its warm winter sunshine and its star-studded population. Other upscale communities can be found in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and the coastal strip between Los Angeles and San Diego. Low to medium scale real estate, on the other hand, could be found on the outlying communities and upland areas.
For business and employment considerations, one could always find opportunities a few hours drive away from their home. Employment and business opportunities in the state are among the highest in the nation due to its continually booming industries.
Tourism remains as California's leading industry. Some of the well-known tourist destinations within the state are Disneyland, Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge, and Sea World. There are many more similarly famous theme parks, national parks, and landmarks all throughout the state.
Foreign trade has also been a major industry. Among the leaders in this industry is the City of Los Angeles, whose ports have continually been one of the most busiest in the country for decades. In 1994, the city overtook New York as the country's premier gateway for foreign trade.
Sports fans would never be disappointed as the state hosts a number of professional teams in different sports. Among the famous California professional sports teams are: the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA), Sacramento Kings (NBA), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), San Diego Padres (MLB), San Francisco Giants (MLB), Los Angeles Angels (MLB), Oakland Athletics (MLB), San Francisco 49ers (NFL), San Diego Chargers (NFL), Oakland Raiders (NFL), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (NHL), and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL).
National Security matters is not an issue in the State of California. Seized by the United States Marines at the height of the Mexican-American war (1846 - 1848), San Diego Bay houses the largest concentration of military personnel in any city in the United States.
With its natural beauty, coupled with teeming opportunities, living in the state of California promises a future worth spending in.
Visit the beautiful State of California, California information and places to visit with the entire family or business. Whether you are looking to buy real estate for vacation, retirement, or investment, California Real Estate is a good choice for your family.

Friday, June 10, 2011

California - Best Restaurants

California, here we come! America has been known to most to be the Land of Milk and Honey, a land of great opportunity. And in a land of abundance such as this, making it in California means you have made it in the big leagues. It is the State of California that hosts the country's best and brightest. And no, we're not just talking about the celebrities.
This is why the state of California has been recognized as "the El Dorado State," or the land of the golden opportunities. As a matter of fact, many of the people who choose to live in this state do so because of the stability of the state's economy, which has the best economic status in the country.
Natural Highs for the Nature Lover
California is flocked by millions because it has something for everybody. It is home to great beaches and yet also houses grandiose snow-capped mountains. It is home to the most spectacular trees ever known to man: the tallest and largest living tree, the General Sherman, and wonderful drive-through redwood trees. It is home to 20 million acres of National Forest land. It has over 20 wildlife viewing areas. It has spectacles such as the Furnace Creek Inn, which boasts of a spring-fed swimming pool and the lowest grass golf course in the world (214 feet below sea level). The Tien Hau Temple, which is the oldest Chinese temple in the United States, is also a must-see. It also houses The Delta in Rio Vista, which is one of the top windsurfing areas in the world, the 20-million-year-old Torrey Sands Cliff, and the Yosemite Falls that is the longest drop in the country.
Interesting Features for the Perennially Curious
California is also home to the world's most interesting marvels. It is home to the Kaweah Post Office, which is the smallest post office in the world that is still in operation. It houses the Ballard's Little Red Schoolhouse, the oldest schoolhouse still in use. It is home to the longest runway in the world, located at Edwards Air Force Base (used for space shuttle landings), the world's largest yo-yo in the National Yo-Yo museum, the first ever Tower Records in Sacramento, and of course, the world's first ever cable car.
A Haven for the Cultural
But what would California be without its people? Visitors from different states as well as from different countries won't feel too much like tourists here, as the state houses more people who speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese than any other state in America. And because California has a population comprised of people from everywhere around the globe, the state is also famous for its grand Festivals such as the Chinese New Year Festival and the Cinco de Mayo, the Annual Indian Fair in San Diego, the Los Angeles African Marketplace and Cultural Faire, the French Festival in Santa Barbara, and the Japanese Cultural Bazaar in Sacramento.
Home of the Great and the Famous
Last but not the least, California is home to the world's most beautiful and successful people. The state is the home of Hollywood, breeding icons in the sports, entertainment, and politics alike. It is home to Star Wars creator George Lucas, as well as tennis greats such as Lindsay Davenport, Venus and Serena Williams.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

California - Best Restaurants

Eating is a basic physiological need that we all need in order to survive. However, dining with gusto and eating for survival are two different things. In California, consuming sumptuous cuisines is always possible. California is known for their great restaurants. With a lot of restaurants to choose from, eating becomes pleasurable. Here are some of the best bistros in the state:
French Laundry
Being one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, dining at French Laundry is a must for those who love gratifying banquets. This area was originally built in 1900 as a saloon. Later, it became a French steam laundry. In this delightful nook, contemporary American-French cuisines are being served. Surrounded by a lush, country garden, this two-story cottage satisfies the belly and all the other senses. Bon Appetit!
If you are looking for a diner with a romantic touch, AntonelloRistorante is the place to be. Aside from its traditional servings of pasta dishes, soups and delectable salads, it also has beef, poultry and veal entrees. For the record, the proprietor of the place, Antonio Cagnolo, is a recipient of the Golden Scepter Award and the Circle of Fame Award.
Seoul Jung
Situated on the Wilshire Grand Los Angeles Hotel's lobby level, Seoul Jung presents various cuisines with oriental taste. Being prepared by traditional Korean chefs, the delicacies served are indeed appetizing. After savoring the gratifying dishes, a Korean phrase "Kansahamnida" (which means thank you) will surely delight the Korean servers.
The Cannery
The Cannery at the Newport Beach is a mixture of many seafood dishes cooked in numerous delectable ways. The seafood servings will surely be enjoyed by tourists and local people alike while gazing along the magnificent cannery site. Moreover, the Asian dining room upstairs serves Japanese specialties such as sushi. For those who love grilled cuisines, the Grill Room is located just within the vicinity where impeccable chops and steaks await the hungry guests.
The kind of food one eats and the way one consumes the food reflect how he or she actually enjoys life. While food is the key to survival, in my own opinion, dining is also one way to celebrate life! Hearty and well-presented meals raise the good hormones. In addition, these delicacies are mostly enjoyed when shared with friends, family and those closest to one's heart. As what they usually say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach".

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Best California Scenic Drives

California day trips, weekend getaways and Pacific Coast highway vacation
Don't let summer pass you by! In the spirit of Jack Kerouac - take the weekend off and head out on the highway. Here are some of the best California scenic drives, Pacific Coast highway vacations and California day trips.
Sonoma Mendocino Coast Scenic Drive: Marin City to US 101
This California scenic drive starts on the Marin Peninsula just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and follows Highway 1 up the beautiful Pacific coast. The highway passes through historic sites, redwood forests, wave carved coves, quiet sandy beaches and much more. From Muir Woods to Point Reyes National Seashore there are tons of state parks and beaches to visit and be awed by. It's the perfect day or weekend retreat away from the bustle of San Francisco.
Angeles Crest Scenic Byway: La Canada to Mountain Top Junction
Only sixty-six miles long, this California scenic drive offers a secluded and scenic getaway from the traffic laden Los Angeles. The Angeles Crest Scenic Byway climbs up from La Canada into the San Gabriel Mountains, offering a stunning panoramic view. From the many vista points along the way, travelers can view the Mojave Desert, the San Gabriel Mountains and Pomona Valleys. This Pacific Coast highway vacation is so peaceful, you'll forget about your busy life.
Route 1: Monterey to Morro Bay
Not that it needs mentioning, but Route 1 from to Morro Bay is a scenic drive that tops them all. Beginning south of Monterey, the highway takes you along the Big Sur where the Santa Lucia Range meets the Pacific Ocean. This scenic drives offers an abundance of marine life, sandy beaches and breathtaking views. In general, Route 1 from San Francisco to San Diego is a drive worth-taking and renting a convertible is recommended. For photos visit TravelPost blogger Marlon's entry.
Carson Pass Scenic Byway: Jackson to Woodfords
The Carson Pass Scenic Byway travels along through alpine forests and meadows and over the towering Caron Pass in the central Sierra Nevada region. Spectacular views of rocky peaks and lakes, coupled with volcanic landscapes, deep canyons and dense forests make this seventy-five mile long scenic drive as varied as it is beautiful. There are plenty of historic sites, camping, hiking, fishing and backpacking to be done for this California day trip or weekend getaway.
Sonoma-Napa Valleys Scenic Drive: Santa Rosa to Hopland
A scenic drive and wine tasting extravaganza! This 132 mile scenic drive loops through the wine country of Sonoma and Napa and follows three California highways. Winding through rolling mountains and dense forests, the scenic drive also passes through Clear Lake, the largest natural lake entirely within the state. Along with wine tastings, there are numbers state parks and sites including Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga and the Jack London State Historic Park along the way on this California scenic drive.
BONUS Scenic Drive: San Francisco
At only 49 miles, San Francisco's official self-guided driving tour is one of shortest. Simply begin anywhere you see one of the Scenic Drive signs with the big seagull, and follow the looping route counterclockwise to Mission Dolores, Coit Tower and other San Francisco highlights. Be wary of rush-hour traffic, I recommend hitting it up mid-week during the day.
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