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            Everyone loves traveling either in his own country or overseas. Each person can decide his traveling style. Some people prefer to get a travel agency whereas others tend to be a solo and independent traveler. If you decide to be a solo traveler, you need to find out the details of Tips If You Find Yourself Stranded in a Foreign Country properly. Knowing the tips and tricks where you find yourself stranded in a foreign country and alone. Sometimes, it can be very troublesome and complicated. Otherwise, you can feel the art of solo traveling.
            Solo traveling will give you a lot of surprises. There will be many things happen to you. You must be independent and know how take care yourself securely. Before traveling to a destination, you should pack your things properly. You must know which stuff is important for you and which stuff that is not necessary to bring. In solo traveling, you may meet many new people. Some of them can be your new friends. As long as you know how to take care of yourself carefully, you may not face any difficulties. Sometimes, you can get wonderful stories from people you meet in the road. Either way, you are free to decide which way you want to go and how long you want to spend your time in a particular spot.
            Solo traveling will teach the core value of life. People cannot live if they do not know how to survive in this life. In solo traveling, you must be really independent and cannot rely on other people. You have to be responsible with every step you take. If you get lost somewhere, you cannot be panicking as you have to be carefully finding the way out rightfully. Giving yourself me-time will make you contemplate many things. If you have problems, you may be amazed that you can find the solutions once you become a solo traveler.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Travel To California?

California, the third largest state in the U.S.A., boasts of countless destinations that will surely cater to any traveler's discriminative taste. There are numerous theme parks, national parks, historical sites, and natural wonders that span the state's entirety. It is a state that can be summed up in one word - Diverse. Diversity can be manifested in the people, tourist spots, climate, and topography.
The people in California are a happy mixture of different ethnic backgrounds. Aside from your typical White Americans, there are the African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and Asians. A community of citizens with the same ethnic background is not difficult to find. This uncanny mixture of varying cultures makes travel to California as colorful and as memorable as can be.
Tourist spots abound the state. Numerous theme parks like Disneyland, Lego Land, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags, and Magic Mountain are famous the world over. For those who want to commune with nature, there is always the national parks such as Yosemite. A journey through the state's major cities would unveil modernity at its finest, but one could always take a trip to historic places like the Old Town of San Diego where rustic houses makes you feel like time stopped in the 19th century. For a touch of glitz and glamour, there is always Hollywood. Here, one could leisurely stroll down the walk of fame, visit the movie studios, see the celebrity's homes, or even witness a movie being made. A visit to Hollywood could definitely make travel to California unforgettable.
Diversity could also be seen in the state's climate. Of the five major types of climate zones, four of these could be experienced in California, with only the hot and rainy tropical climate missing. Mediterranean climate can be experienced along coastal California and parts of the interior valley. It is characterized by relatively warm, dry summers and mild winters. Much of the San Joaquin Valley and the fringes of the Mojave Desert has a Semi-arid or Steppe climate. Here, rainfall is less and temperatures are warmer compared to that of the Mediterranean zone. A milder and somewhat cooler version exists along the narrow coastal strip from Los Angeles to San Diego. A somewhat unforgiving type is the Desert climate, which could be experienced in the southeastern part of the state, east of the Sierra Nevada and the Peninsular Ranges, and in the southwestern part of the San Joaquin Valley. Blocked by the mountain ranges from the moisture-laden Pacific storms, this region receives very little precipitation. This region accounts for the hottest temperature anywhere in the state, averaging over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States occurred in Death Valley, reaching a high of 134 degrees Fahrenheit on July 10, 1913. Finally, the Microthermal or Alpine climate is present in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau, and the Klamath Mountains. It is characterized by short, cool summers, and vigorous winters. This region is the major source of California's water supply.
The topography of California is also a wonder on its own. The surface of the state could go as low as 282 feet below sea level (Badwater in Death Valley, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere) to as high as 14,495 feet (Mount Whitney, the highest point in the U.S. outside Alaska). Mountains cover most of the state's surface 20% of which is covered by the Sierra Nevada, the longest mountain range in California. The state is also a host to three deserts, the Mojave, Colorado, and Death Valley. These, plus 1,264 miles of coastal area make California's topography as diverse as it could be.
With a state as diverse as California, one could always find things to do and places to go. That is why California never fails to make it as one of the world's premiere destination for travel and relaxation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Beaches of Encinitas California

San Diego's town of Encinitas has more than six miles of lovely beaches. Whether its swimming, surfing, boogie-boarding, reading books, running, jogging, playing volley ball or just loafing in the sun, Encinitas really does have it all.
If you're into fitness, you'll get a great workout at Stone Steps Beach. The author ran these stairs 5 times every morning when visiting and was in the best shape of his life. These awesome leg-building stairs lead down from the bluffs to the ocean offer fantastic views to enjoy while you work out. At high tide the ocean laps the bottom of the stairs, at low tide, the beach is up to 300 feet wide with lots of room for volleyball.
Swami's Surfing Beach was put on the map by the Beach Boys song Surfin USA. It's only four blocks from Moonlight Beach. You can walk the beach to Swami's or drive down old historic Highway 101. The best surfers in the world still surf Swami's every day - it's almost a right of passage for surfers. You can also often scuba divers just offshore from Swamis at the Encinitas Marine Life Refuge, our own underwater park.
Moonlight Beach is only a three minute walk from the my favorite place to stay when I visit: the Inn at Moonlight Beach. Stone Steps Beach, Beacon's and Grandview beaches are not far from the Inn, all within walking distance or a brief drive up Neptune Avenue.
Anyone can learn to surf by taking surfing classes with world-famous Kahuna Bob, an icon in Encinitas. You can find him by Googling Kahuna Bob Surfing.
Moonlight Beach is my favorite beach in Encinitas because it has lifeguards, a big playground, easy-to-use parking lots, safe play areas for the kids, fire-rings (popular year-round), showers, clean restrooms, extensive beach rentals, a snack bar and, one of the best sandy beaches in all of Southern California.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newport Landing Whale Watching in California - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you want to check out whales in their natural habitat then Newport Landing Whale Watching is for you. The trips leave from Newport Beach daily and there are various whale watching departure times to choose from. It only takes a few minutes from Los Angeles to reach the departure site in Orange County. With tours being offered year round you should have no problem finding a time to see the whales.
The best time to see the Grey Whale is when it is migrating during the months of December through April. Since the Newport Harbor is so close to Laguna Beach, where hundreds of Grey Whales pass during their migration, it is easy to plan a time where you will surely see lots of whales.
If you are available May through November then you will more likely to see blue whales, finback whales, dolphin pods numbering in the thousands, sharks, seals, killer whales, and more. Of course, you will likely see other marine creatures during this time of the year as well. The whale watching cruises at Newport Landing are excellent and are perfect for families, friends, churches, businesses, or other large groups of people. Anyone will enjoy seeing these marine animals in their natural habitat and it is a life experience that won't soon be forgotten. There are cruises that are open to the public or large groups may choose a private charter.
Each cruise is narrated by crew members and they will be able to ask any question you may have about the tour, the marine animals you see, or more. Make sure to bring your camera because there are photo opportunities that you surely won't want to miss! Prices depend on whether it is for an individual or a group, but are regularly $30 for adults. There are three trips per day October through May and five trips per day June through September so be sure to find a date that works for you! Tours last about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Friday, January 20, 2012

California's Endless Attractions

With a variety of geological wonders and intriguing larger-than-life tourist attractions, the popular state of California is filled with amazing nooks and crannies to explore. Many honeymoon getaways and family outings have taken place under the warmth of the beating sun, which offers an array of rocky coasts, majestic mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and infamous landmarks for all to discover. The charm, beauty, cultural significance, endless outdoor pursuits, and allure of California is never-ending, as a multitude of fascinating locations provides the perfect vacation destination.
Los Angeles & Hollywood
Known as the big city of dreams, this is the location where many up-and-coming stars of the movie screen have found their niche in one of the most famous homes regarding movie studies, directors, and screenwriters รขEUR" Hollywood. As the second largest city in the United States, the southern coast opens up to ritzy communities, popular surfing outlets (Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, and Redondo Beach), the sights and sounds of Beverly Hills, as well as the original Disney Land.
San Francisco
To enjoy the beautiful views of one of the most striking destinations within the United States, you will find delight in paying a visit to San Francisco, where rolling hills and a never-ending blue bay offers sights of breathtaking coastal mountains and other surrounding natural beauty.. It is here that antique cable cars pass inclined streets, the Golden Gate Bridge beams, and the many facets of Golden Gate Park come to life.
Yosemite National Park
The alluring scenery associated with Yosemite National Park offers the wondrous sight of nine waterfalls, which is a popular stop for sightseers, backpackers, and rock climbing enthusiasts.
California Wine Country
A romantic getaway for two or the wine aficionado will definitely enjoy exploring the fine wines cultivated in California with a trip to Napa Valley or Somona Valley. Many locations offer free tours open to the public, as well as free wine tasting adventures.
San Diego
With a satisfying climate and plenty of sunny days to share, the tropical beaches of San Diego also provide easy access to the Mexican border. It is also here that one of the most impressive zoological parks in the world can be found.
San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo provides access to a wealth of interesting creatures originating from across the globe, including gorillas, polar bears, and giant pandas. Some of the main exhibits associated with the zoo include the Monkey Trails, Ituri Forest, Polar Bear Plunge, as well as the Horn & Hoof Mesa.
California Bodies of Waters
Throughout the state, a refreshing collection of rivers and other bodies of water decorate the terrain, including the Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, San Francisco Bay, and Klamath River.
Palm Springs
Premium golfing outings in California usually take place in Palm Springs, where fantastic golf courses, classy eateries, and upscale shopping are situated.
Sequoia National Park
The preserves situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco supply backpackers and lovers of the great outdoors with the perfect outlet for catching a breath of fresh air and admiring some of the awesome sights of nature.
The list of main points of California and popular tourist attractions is never-ending, as one may never truly experience all the state has to offer in entertainment, excitement, fun, natural wonder, and cultural beauty.

California Vacations - What You Haven't Seen

It is understandable why California attracts a lot of people. It is warm and sunny most part of the year, Los Angeles is full of movie stars, and rollerblading babes can be found all over the place in Venice Beach. Even if it is exaggerated, this part of the California mystique is real and not very hard to find.
But California has other things too, that are not scripted, sanitized, and broadcast to the mesmerized masses of the world. The glitter and glamour are only the surface of an incredibly diverse state that would be a productive and powerful nation in the event of ever getting separated from the Union. California has it all: redwood forests, an incredibly verdant Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada, deserts, a lot of well-known cities, and hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline.
Despite the crime, pollution, traffic, and earthquakes, which have made California famous as well, people here are still the golden children of the United States, America's spoiled rich kid that is either loved or loathed by everyone. (In Oregon, for example, they sell lots of license-plate rims stating "I hate California.") To be perfectly sincere, people here don't really care. Californians are aware of the fact that they live in one of the most interesting places in the world, and they're proud of their state. Nobody can guarantee you that you'll meet Arnold Schwarzenegger or learn how to surf here, but with a little time, a little money, and an adventurous spirit, you will be guided by us and offered one of the most fulfilling vacations of your life. The four of us do nothing but travel, but we chose to live in California because this place has so much to offer.

Class Trip on History of California Is Funded by Major League Baseball Player

Parker Lefton is a retired history teacher for Maclay Middle School in Pacoina California, just outside of Los Angeles. He continues to work as an educator in his role as the volunteer coordinator of the Determined to Dream Foundation. Garret Anderson, a recently retired Major League Baseball player who spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Angels, funds the Determined to Dream Foundation. Anderson and his wife, Teresa, were once students at Maclay, and they have been actively funding and planning special projects at the school since 2003.
Garret Anderson's Foundation Funds Reading Initiatives and Educational Trips
The Determined to Dream Foundation is the funding source for Maclay Middle School's reading initiative and educational trips. Each year a group of students takes an educational tour on the East Coast to Boston, New York City or Philadelphia. Lefton also takes an annual trip with a group of students to historical and geographic points of interest in California. "I feel it's important to expose kids at this school to the outside world. Many of the kids who go to Maclay have not had the opportunity to get outside of L.A.," commented Lefton.
Hunting for an Educational Travel Company that Offers Flexibility
When he first began hunting for an educational travel company, Lefton said he was disappointed to find that many of the companies he interviewed had definite itineraries that were not changeable. "I didn't necessarily like the tours other companies presented," noted Lefton, "so I finally said yes to the company that was open to arranging the tour any way I wanted." Educational Travel Consultants was willing to customize the tour to match his curriculum. Consultants work with teachers to create educational tours that parallel teaching objectives. Pre-packaged tours of popular destinations are also available to school groups.
A Student Tour of California is Created
Lefton helped to create a six-day tour of California. The journey begins at Maclay Middle School near Los Angeles, continues up through the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, makes a stop in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento, and proceeds down the California coast through Monterey and Santa Cruz, then back to Los Angeles.
Students Travel to Sierra Nevada Mountains
Lefton wanted to begin the tour with an overview of the geography of the state. The school trip starts with a visit to Mammoth Mountain, the site of the ancient volcano that erupted some 57,000 years ago. Students then proceed to nearby Lake Tahoe, another geographic wonder -- a large and deep mountain lake that sits at approximately 6,225 feet in elevation and is located on the border of Nevada and California. While touring the area, students also visit Coloma Valley, the place where gold was first discovered. This discovery triggered the 1849 California Gold Rush.
Touring Sacramento and San Francisco Bay
After spending a day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains the school group heads west to Sacramento to visit the California State Railroad Museum, where they learn about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Here, the first of two educational exercises on the trip begins with an information hunt. Students work in pairs to find specific information in the Museum. The winners receive Target gift cards. While visiting Sacramento, students also tour the California State Capitol building, where they gain insight and perspective into state government.
Next on the itinerary is the San Francisco Bay area, where students visit Alcatraz Island Prison by boat, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, tour Fort Point (an old Civil War era site), see the Maritime National Historic Park and take a walking tour of Chinatown. In the evening the student group dines at a restaurant on Fishermen's Wharf.
Santa Cruz & Monterey
The next day the school group moves south from the San Francisco area and visits Santa Cruz, where they see one of California's redwood forests, and make a stop in Monterey, the first capital of California. Here, students consider the Mexican period in California history, visit the Monterey Aquarium, and see the Big Sur coastline from the vantage point of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.
A Student Tour of an 18th Century Mission
On the way back to Los Angeles, the bus stops at Morro Bay, where a tour of the Museum of Natural History offers a visual and educational overview of the coastal area. At their final stop, they tour La Purisima Mission, a wonderfully preserved example of a mission as it would have been in 1800. Part two of the information hunt occurs at La Purisima, where students are tasked with finding specific details about mission history while on tour.
Competing for a Place on the California Tour
Funding limitations do not permit all students at Maclay Middle School to attend this grant-funded trip. So, Lefton and the Andersons have created an academic competition with winners awarded a place on the California tour. The contest helps them to strive for better grades and also involves the element of luck. Students are given tickets for a drawing for each acceptable grade in the A,B, and C range. "The more good grades they receive the first semester of school, the more entry tickets they have to enter the drawing," says Lefton. Fourteen names are drawn from all of the entries, and these lucky students tour their home state.
This unique trip was created because a history teacher wanted to develop an educational tour that gave students an opportunity to engage in some active learning about their home state. The California tour is ambitious in all of the sites it encompasses. Students studying California history, geography, and social studies will benefit from a trip designed like this, or even one that is quite similar. The tour could be scaled down to three or four days instead of five or six and still offer many learning opportunities.